Leather Goods


High quality leather worked as before.

The Classic line still maintains the traditional craftsmanship method of the past, but it perfects it and makes it current and able to exceed the high quality standards that we demand from our every tanning. We pay attention to the environment and that's why we use natural products to get the best skin you could want to make your product unique.


Allure Leather Goods

Natural leather for upper finished and padded by hand with the application of neutral colored creams which add a special softness to this article. Once the shoe is in the final stage of production, it is polished by hand or by brush to reach the desired glossy final effect. Water-proof versions and Allure for leather-goods are also available.

Color available

Nettuno Idrorepellente Leather Goods

Nettuno Idrorepellente Double dyed sheep nappa (cross-bred) with natural finish especially meant for shoe uppers.