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It's a patent (Micropore System Natural Transpiration) that protects an exclusive processing process with proprietary technology. It is an important technological innovation aimed at  achieving  high levels of breathability, thermoregulation and comfort in leathers produced for the footwear sector. The technology used  is totally natural and does not use any  chemicals. SKINGOAT® leathers are in good demand all over the world among shoe groups producing long-lasting  and outdoor shoes.

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Natural leather for upper finished and padded by hand with the application of neutral colored creams which add a special softness to this article. Once the shoe is in the final stage of production, it is polished by hand or by brush to reach the desired glossy final effect. Water-proof versions and Allure for leather-goods are also available.

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BIODEGRADABLE SHEEPSKINS / INNOVATIVE TANNING AND FINISHING TECHNOLOG: It is a Know How for the production of sheepskin leathers for lining and upper that enables us to achieve a completely biodegradable, versatile and performing product .

This production process guarantees a low environmental impact and a marked reduction in water disposal costs. NATURE.L® leathers are not toxic, do not pollute and are certified as biodegradable.

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Le pelli della Conceria Nuvolari sono prodotte con materie prime di altissima qualità lavorate tramite processi interamente made in Italy con cura artigianale e uso di avanzata tecnologia proprietaria.

Il frutto del nostro lavoro è fortemente legato al territorio in cui ci pregiamo di operare, alle salde radici culturali, alle tradizioni storiche del ‘saper fare bene’ proprie dei nostri preziosi collaboratori.